About Us

What’s in a name

Cuallacht is the Irish for an association, a congregation, a group with purpose. Ruaimeoirí is an Irish word for dyers, and more literally something like red players (players with red?) and LÍdiach means followers of Lídia or Lydia, the patron saint of Dyers. (St. Lydia Purpuraria) – not being religious about it, it’s just a very Irish way to name a group with Medieval leanings.

About us

We are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Ireland – a group dedicated to recreating aspects of medieval life and having fun with it without getting bogged down to much in the inevitable anachronisms out modern lives bring into the mix. Our particular focus in this group is with dyes and the history of dyeing in the early and late Medieval period. We are interested dyers from all over the Island of Ireland that are pooling our resources to create this group and create a central repository of information about our experiments, experiences and personal findings.

Our mad schemes and aspirations

At the moment it’s sort of this website/blog. In the future – well let’s see when we get this going.