More indigo, Lincoln green and how not to treat wool

In December Eiscir Airgead in the Barony of Eplaheimr hosted a day of mead making, candle dipping and, as is becoming traditional, dyeing. On this occasion I decided to go for another indigo bath since we enjoyed our first attempt at Coronet very greatly, but I wanted to see what improvements we could make. IContinue reading “More indigo, Lincoln green and how not to treat wool”

My first experiments in natural dyeing

I have some experience with dyeing clothing from when I worked in a theatrical costume shop for a few years. These costumes were dyed in an old washing machine drum that we used exclusively for fabric dyeing, and the dyes we used were packaged Rit, Dylon, or other purchased powders and liquids in bright vibrant,Continue reading “My first experiments in natural dyeing”

Marigold – a colour that lives up to it’s name.

At a lovely August weekend in Clara, Orlaith managed to demystify natural dyeing for me to a large extent. I got really excited! This was something new that I hadn’t tried yet, and the thought of dyeing my own yarn and then making it into something I can use, or can gift to someone, hasContinue reading “Marigold – a colour that lives up to it’s name.”

The Great Madder Experiment

As part of an event I ran called Féile na nÚll this year there was a workshop, a great madder experiment if you will, where people who wanted to participate brought tap water from different areas. We messed about a bit with the PH of an additional sample of tap water and threw in aContinue reading “The Great Madder Experiment”

The Insulae Draconis colours workshop

At the recent Principality Coronet Tournament (Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis in my Barony of Eplaheimr, I wanted to do a workshop that included a lot of dyeing info in a (hopefully) accessible way, so I decided to show how to do a standard dyebath (I chose weld) , a dye Vat (Indigo) and how usingContinue reading “The Insulae Draconis colours workshop”

What usually goes to a workshop?

This is just a brief introduction to the dyestuffs that generally tend to come along with me to workshops, so if anyone sees something in here they are *DYING* to try, do let me know? This is a photo of a sample of things in my as yet unpainted dyestuff box. I have a coupleContinue reading “What usually goes to a workshop?”

The Ivy and Avocado weekend

One of the inspirations for starting this group site has been the phenomenal response to a few dyeing workshops and experiments I’ve done at events in Eplaheimr and Dun in Mara, and at this stage I feel like I have one particular, awesome partner in Crime – the freshly minted LADY Katie of Dun inContinue reading “The Ivy and Avocado weekend”