More indigo, Lincoln green and how not to treat wool

In December Eiscir Airgead in the Barony of Eplaheimr hosted a day of mead making, candle dipping and, as is becoming traditional, dyeing. On this occasion I decided to go for another indigo bath since we enjoyed our first attempt at Coronet very greatly, but I wanted to see what improvements we could make. IContinue reading “More indigo, Lincoln green and how not to treat wool”

The Insulae Draconis colours workshop

At the recent Principality Coronet Tournament (Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis in my Barony of Eplaheimr, I wanted to do a workshop that included a lot of dyeing info in a (hopefully) accessible way, so I decided to show how to do a standard dyebath (I chose weld) , a dye Vat (Indigo) and how usingContinue reading “The Insulae Draconis colours workshop”