Tannins as a mordant

Tannins have been used for centuries both colour and help fix other colurs to fabric and yarn. By themselves they colour these anything from a light beige to brown. They are found naturally occurring in various plant tissues, such as barks, leaves, and fruits, especially woody cones. They are particularly good as a mordant forContinue reading “Tannins as a mordant”

So, what is ‘Mordanting’?

Mordanting is a preparation process used in textile dyeing to improve the uptake and colorfastness of dyes in fibres. The term “mordant” comes from the Latin word “mordere,” which means “to bite.”, so you get me afflicting your mind’s eye with the idea of little chemical agents biting down all eager to get slathered inContinue reading “So, what is ‘Mordanting’?”